EVI Tools

Creating + Sustaining a Culture of Equity, Vitality, and Inclusion

All tools are living documents to be revised on an annual basis. Please refer back to this page for updates + new additions.

We are committed to information sharing and acknowledge this is an iterative process. Please take a look at the tool’s overview to set the stage before downloading. If you would like to adapt or adopt these tools for your own use, please cite us!

“Adapted from Boston University Medical Group’s Office of Equity,
Vitality, and Inclusion
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We’d love to hear from you! Please send us any adaptations you make so we can build a collaborative community for learning + culture change. Contact us here.

Glossary for Culture Transformation
In partnership with BMC, BUSM, and BUMG, the Glossary aims to build shared understanding across the medical campus. Many voices have contributed to its development. Use of the Glossary for Culture Transformation will facilitate dialogue and inform practices + strategies that focus on drivers of inequities and prioritize structurally marginalized populations. Click here for an overview of this initiative.

Stay tuned for the Glossary website coming soon! Thank you to all who provided feedback!

If you have any questions, please reach out to wordsmatter@bu.edu.

COMING SOON! Inclusive Language Practices
In partnership with Office of Faculty Development

Mindful use of language in our written + verbal communications affirms structurally marginalized populations and reduces further perpetuation of unintended harm and inequitable outcomes. This tool provides practical recommendations + resources to incorporate the terms defined in the Glossary for Culture Transformation.

Commitment to Operationalize Racial Equity
CORE is a practice tool that provides a framework for departments and sections to prioritize, operationalize, and sustain racial equity through a thoughtful + deliberate process of self-examination and commitment to action. Click here for an overview of this initiative.

Review-Based Guidelines (RBG) for Equitable Appointment of Leadership Roles
The RBG establishes fair + transparent processes to bring the leadership appointment process out into the open and promotes equity in access to leadership roles. The implementation of these guidelines is currently being tested in 5 departments. Click here for an overview of this initiative.

Road Map

Consolidated Checklist

BMC Clinician Vitality Survey
BUMG, BMC, and BUSM are working in partnership to address the complex factors of systems and culture that drive clinical burnout + fulfillment. We are building our understanding of how we can use this tool to enrich and measure the work of EVI. This year we have focused attention to experiences of inclusion, belonging, and mistreatment and how they relate to professional wellbeing. Annual survey results are shared broadly with faculty and discussed with hospital leaders, department chairs + section chiefs and used to inform local interventions to improve professional vitality. See the 2021 survey memo here, describing progress and opportunities for growth.