Resources for Researchers

Grant Funding Opportunities

  1. BU Research:  The Office of the Vice President and Associate Provost for Research, located within the BU Office of the Provost, is committed to supporting BU faculty on both campuses in their research endeavors. The office sponsors presentations, workshops, and events to provide information and advice, and foster discussion and collaborations.
  2. MED Campus Related Funding: Provides links to searchable listings of the NIH DOD, HHS, NSF,Private Foundation, with access to grant database and listserver Pivot and Dimensions.
  3. BU Digital Scholarship Services: Provides resources, best practices, and individual assistance for BU researchers
  4. BMC Foundation and Government Grants:  Advances BMC’s clinical care, programs, research, and education by supporting investigators and program leadership in the pursuit of foundation, state, federal, and industry funding.
  5. BMC Research Operations:  Pre-award page with grant opportunity listings

Grant Submission and Management Support

  1. Clinical Research Resource Office (CRRO):  Provides a range of services, resources and guidance to support BMC and BUMC clinical researchers in planning, submitting, conducting and analyzing their research
  2. BUSM Office of Proposal Development: Provides technical and skilled administrative support to faculty and principal investigators when developing grant and contract proposals for external funding.
  3. BMC Foundation and Government Grants: Assists investigators seeking funding for all types of grants, including complex research grants, multi-PI collaborations, subcontracts, smaller foundation grants and program support. Team members specialize in all areas of grant writing, including federal grants, state grants, foundation grants and device support
  4. BMC Research Operations: Award management resources

Research Support

  1. Clinical and Translational Science Institute (CTSI):  The CTSI offers an array of cross-campus research resources including training, funding, study design, data collection
  2. Research Computing Services: Provides specialized computing and communication facilities, along with software, training, and consulting, in support of all areas of computational research at BU
  3. BU Office of Research Support: These are the offices that keep University research running smoothly includes:
  4. Medical Campus Research Resources: Links to core facilities, compliance offices, human research, departments, and centers of the medical campus
  5. BMC Research Operations:

Faculty Development

  1. Professional Development & Postdoctoral Affairs Office:  This office hosts a variety of professional development and networking events as well as provides helpful resources to postdocs and faculty mentors alike
  2. The Medical Education office: Announces external events, programs and workshops. Also manages a robust reporting system that supports the quality improvement process of individual faculty.
  3. BUMC Professional Development Programs:  Offers faculty development opportunities available to all faculty on the Medical Campus
  4. BUSM Faculty Annual Review / Development Resources: Resources for faculty development

Potential Collaboration

  1. BU Profiles:  Resource for finding others who share your research interests


  1. BU list of departments:  List of various research-related departments in BU with a short description and link.
  2. BUSM lists of departments: Lists of basic science departments and clinical science departments on the Med campus.