Mission, Vision & Values


To improve health and well-being through excellence, innovation and equity in patient-centered care, education and research; to advance the professional and personal vitality and engagement of our team.


We will transform healthcare as a diverse, integrated academic organization that defines and delivers reliable, equitable, high value and cutting-edge care in partnership with, and to meet the needs of, our patients, communities and affiliated institutions.

We the Members of the Boston University Medical Group Espouse These Values:


We embrace the highest standards of quality – safety, access, equity, integration, efficiency, effectiveness and patient-centered care.


We are determined to always provide exceptional care for our patients.


We are devoted to the development and introduction of advancements in health care through our research and educational missions.


We act with honesty, respect, trust and fairness.


We endeavor to understand the needs of others and commit to the healing and caring necessary to enhance health and relieve suffering.


We build and foster a diverse workforce.


We investigate and address health care inequities in a compassionate and culturally humble manner.


We are committed to collaboration, courtesy, kindness and respect to our coworkers and learners.


We uphold the principles of patient autonomy and welfare, lifelong learning, responsible use of resources, access to high quality care, management of conflicts of interest and maintenance of the public trust.


We invest in emotional, physical and professional well-being so, we can all do our chosen work with passion, vigor, effectiveness, joy and satisfaction.

Updated: 01.04.2024

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