Women’s Leadership Advisory Council

The Women’s Leadership Advisory Council is responsible for leading efforts to build and sustain a thriving, equitable, and inclusive culture that values gender equity and inclusion at all levels of leadership, and for providing clear frameworks, equal opportunities, and support for professional advancement and vitality to BUMG faculty. In carrying out its mission, the council is a core part of a broader effort for inclusiveness across BUMG.

Megan Bair-Merritt, MD, MSCE
Council Chair


Jamie Beer | Anesthesiology Mary Beth Molloy | BUMG
Emelia Benjamin | Faculty Development Hee-Young Park | BUSM
Elizabeth King | Surgery Catherine Rich | GIM
Christina Lam | Dermatology Frederick Ruberg | Cardiology
Allison Larson | Dermatology Jeffrey Schneider | BMC
Aviva Lee-Parritz | BUMG Kate Smyth-Hammond | BUMG
Michelle Long | Gastroenterology Manju Subramanian | Ophthalmology
Celeste Maness | General Dentistry Lauren Tracy | Otolaryngology
Bob Vinci | Pediatrics