Strategic Plan

BUMG is in the midst of implementing our strategic plan for fiscal years 2019-2023. Status and progress updates for the strategic plan will be posted on this site. The implementation of the strategic plan relies on the involvement of the providers and the broader BUMG Community, which will lead to the ultimate success of the plan.

Growth and Value Sustain growth, improve population health, enhance patient experience and reduce cost.  Maximize value with a focus on quality and safety
Management and Resources Optimize resources and improve operations for clinical care.  Make it easy for all members of the community to fulfill our mission.
Equity, Vitality and Inclusion Create and sustain an organizational culture that is supportive, equitable, diverse and inclusive – and restores joy to the practice of medicine.
Education and Research Enrich the environment for science, discovery and learning through continuous innovation.  Create new models for teaching, training and care delivery.

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