Education Committee

Create, implement and support education-based initiatives as they relate to the BUMG Strategic Plan to foster advancement and innovation in education.

Hollis Day, MD, MS, MHPE
Committee Chair

Karen Cullen, CNM (OBGYN) Ron Medzon, MD (BMC)
Priya Garg, MD (BU) Heather Miselis, MD (Family Medicine)
Greg Grillone, MD (Otolaryngology) Craig Noronha, MD (Internal Medicine)
Ariel Hirsch, MD (Radiation Oncology) Jeffrey Schneider, MD (BMC)
James Holsapple, MD (Neurosurgery) Kit Shaffer, MD, PhD (Radiology)
Angela Jackson, MD (GIM) Sheina Theodore, MD (Surgery)
David McAneny, MD (BMC)