Reporting Resources

Reporting venue Who can report What types of things should be reported How to report Confidentiality
BU ATM Committee BUSM medical students, and any members of the BU, BUMG, BUSM, or BMC community who interacts with medical students Mistreatment directed towards medical students Submit form here Confidential, option to remain anonymous by submitting report without name
BMC Compliance Hotline Open to everyone, including members of the public Concerns, tips, and/or questions regarding the Code of Conduct or the Compliance and Privacy policies Call 800-586-2627 Anonymous, as long as reporter does not provide name
Email Confidential, reporter may be identifiable via email address
BU HR Any member of the BUSM community Advice and coaching on performance and other on-the-job issues; compliance with laws governing employment, such as FMLA and ADA; clarification of Boston University employee policies; guidance in interpreting non-represented/non-exempt policies and collective bargaining agreements Contact your HR Business Partner Confidential, reporter identifiable to HR business partner
BU Ombuds Any member of the BU, BUMG, and BUMG community Any concerns related to life, work, or study at BU. Can assist with highly sensitive, often complex issues, for which there is no ready-made or simple solution. While the ombuds may take a variety of steps towards addressing concerns, the office provides informal assistance only. Contact here Confidential; reporter will interact with Ombuds and therefore not anonymous. The Ombuds will respect the visitor’s choice regarding disclosure, except when the Ombuds determines there is an imminent risk of serious harm
BMC HR Any member of the BMC community Occurrences of prejudice, discrimination, or harassment experienced at work 617-638-8585 or Confidential, reporter identifiable to HR business partner
BU EthicsPoint Open to everyone (members of the public included) Concerns and complaints relating to the following types of issues: academic affairs; athletics; Code of Ethical Conduct matters; conflicts of interest; environmental health & safety; financial matters; research; student safety Make a report here Anonymous, reports are adjudicated by a third party, and reporter is not required to submit name
BMC RL Incident Reporting Employee-LIP Professional Conduct Icon Anyone with access to RL Professional conduct issues that are not able to be addressed in the moment (thru de-escalation, respectful discussion, and/or by escalating thru the chain of command) and/or are part of a negative pattern. FAQs here Log-in to RL here Reporter has to log-in to system to generate report