Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some answers to frequently asked questions about the Mental Health Counseling and Behavioral Medicine program at Boston University.


Is there a word limit on the personal statement?

We recommend writing a maximum of approximately 500 words.


Is the earlier/first deadline binding?

No, please submit your materials when you feel that your application is at its strongest.

However, we do have cutoffs for when materials are due and then we will move your materials to the next deadline. Meaning, the first deadline is a hard cutoff and final in this regard – candidates who apply after Dec. 1 at midnight (e.g., on Dec. 2 or 3) would be reviewed for the second application deadline following the Jan. 19 cutoff. No applications will be reviewed after the final deadline on January 19th at midnight.


What kind of scholarships are available? Are there scholarships available to international applicants?

We award Provost scholarships varying by the amount for both international and domestic students. More internal scholarships can be found with this link. You do not need to submit a separate application for Provost scholarships and any awards amounts are shared at the time of your admission. Additional funding for Boston University scholarships, fellowships, and resources may be found here


Who can I speak to about BU’s internal scholarships?

Please review the materials here GMS Student Financial Services (SFS) at For specific instructions regarding email correspondence with SFS, please visit their website. Additional funding for Boston University scholarships, fellowships, and resources may be found here


Do you offer application fee waivers?

Yes, for specific circumstances. Examples include alumni and members from AmeriCorps, Posse Fellows, TFA, City Year, McNair Scholars, Fullbright Scholars, the Peace Corps, and the United States Military.

Please review and fill out this form after starting your application but prior to submission and the Graduate Medical Sciences team (GMS) will review your request and be in touch. Unfortunately, we are unable to waive or refund application fees after you have submitted your application.


How can I confirm that BU received my official transcripts?

Your unofficial transcripts are fine for our review unless you are accepted and choose to enroll – we trust you. Please upload your unofficial transcripts (if you are a current senior) and then we’ll add updated ones to the file. If you apply for the first deadline and are still enrolled in an undergraduate program, we will ask for updated grades/transcript after your fall semester and spring semester.

Please remember, if you are admitted and choose to enroll, we will need official transcripts sent to GMS from all colleges, universities, master’s programs, and/or study abroad experiences that you attended. (You will have months to complete this requirement and we will remind you.)


Does BU transfer credits from other universities (e.g., graduate programs)?

Requests for transferred courses are reviewed on a case-by-case basis, and with careful syllabus review, as the prior courses need to have met CACREP requirements.

University guidelines will allow us to transfer in up to two courses (or eight credits) from another university. These courses must not have been taken as part of an earned degree, even if wasn’t required for that degree. Specific decisions about transferring in courses will not be made prior to a student officially matriculating into the program and meeting with their academic advisor. Official transfers can only be granted to students in good standing, requiring them to complete their first semester beforehand. It is of note that transferring in courses will not shave time off of completing the degree given the requirements for clinical training and other required coursework.


How do I send you my unofficial transcripts?

You do not need to send in official transcripts until you are accepted and choose to enroll. For the applications process, unofficial transcripts are fine and your transcript may be uploaded directly to the application portal. You or your school may email us your transcripts and we can add them to your application.


If I graduated a long time ago, can I have other people besides professors write letters of recommendation?

Yes. We recommend asking individuals who can attest to the likelihood of your academic and career success. We recommend that two of your letters of recommendation come from faculty members who can speak to your academic potential, but understand this is not always possible. 


May I attend part-time/online?

No, except if you are a BU/BMC employee then that’s considered on a case by case basis. That would be 3 years total with the third year attending full-time.

Please note that we have found that a three-year track does not work well for students as they have to move between cohorts and have less intrinsic support from taking all courses with the same group of students.  

We do not offer online enrollment.


Do I need a Psychology undergraduate degree in order to be accepted into the program?

No. An earned Bachelor’s degree is required, but it does not need to be in Psychology or a related field.


Do you admit students in January or just Fall?

We are a Fall start only.


Is there a thesis requirement? Are there other opportunities to engage in research?

Students in our program do not complete a thesis. On occasion, students engage in research outside of our program, typically as volunteers. However, this is considered separate from our Program.


May I add materials to my application after I submit it?

Yes, please email us any component and we’ll add it to your file. 


May I meet with a professor to ask questions about the program? 

We hold monthly Facebook live Q&As and you may post your questions ahead of time or email us with questions regarding the Program or your application. We are not holding individual meetings or hosting on-campus visits at this time. The Facebook page is Boston University: Mental Health Counseling and Behavioral Medicine

Our Fall 2021 and Winter 2022 Facebook Live Info Session Dates may be found here.