Each year, a limited number of Provost scholarships are awarded to selected Mental Health Counseling and Behavioral Medicine students.  These scholarships typically provide approximately $10,000 of aid per year.  Students are encouraged to apply early to the program to have the best chance of receiving a Provost scholarship. This scholarship and amount is awarded at the time of your admission decision.

Applicants may also want to learn more about tuition and financial aid for GMS programs. Boston University participates in the Federal Direct Stafford, the Federal Perkins Loans, and the Ford Loan Program. Graduate students receive their direct loans through these programs, which has the same loan limits, interest rates, and fees as the Federal Stafford Loan Program. Subsidized and Unsubsidized Direct Loans and Work-study Programs are also available. Learn more about the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).

Limited Boston University-wide scholarships and fellowships are also available.

You may learn more about the costs of attending Boston University Graduate School of Medicine as a full-time student (and a breakdown of tuition and fees) here. Unfortunately, we are unable to offer part-time courses of study due to the cohorted nature of our program.

International Student Scholars Office

If you are an international student, we have an entire office dedicated to supporting you and helping you transition to Boston. They will support you with immigration or visa questions and are a great resource. Learn more about the International Student Scholars Office.