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Student Spotlight: Kiloni Quiles-Franco

Kiloni Quiles-Franco is a PhD student studying Molecular and Translational Medicine at GMS. She is currently the co-host of Vitamin PhD, a podcast produced at Boston University for anyone who is pursuing a doctorate, has a doctorate, or supporting others on their doctoral journey. The podcast's fourth season is focusing on conversations with student organizations, faculty members, and staff from across BU schools and colleges about diversity and anti-racism. Co-hosts Kiloni and Khadija El-Karfi (Romance Studies)... More

Four GMS Faculty Members Promoted to Professor

Join us in celebrating the following Graduate Medical Sciences faculty, who have been promoted to the rank of Professor: Rachel Fearns Rachel Fearns, PhD, MED, Microbiology, is a virologist known for her work in the field of non-segmented, negative sense RNA viruses, specifically in dissecting the molecular mechanisms by which the viral genome is transcribed and replicated by the viral polymerase. Her expertise has been sought after to write definitive reviews on viral polymerases and transcription/ replication... More

GMSSO SPARK: Science Projects Activities Reaching Kids

Graduate Medical Sciences Student Organization (GMSSO) has been awarded a $1,000 Civic Engagement Grant from Research!America. They plan to work with the Dorchester Boys and Girls Club to provide resources and supplies for scientific outreach with "SPARK: Science Projects Activities Reaching Kids." The initiative is led by Raissa Zuim Dantas De Souza and Shannon Forlivio. By distributing science experiment kits and instructions, they hope to highlight the important of scientists, especially during the pandemic, and inspire... More

GMS Spotlight: TOTAL App

The following article is by Maureen McCarthy from BU Digital Learning & Innovation. Find the original post here. Find step-by-step instructions for using the TOTAL app here. Q&A: EXPLORING THE TRAINING OPPORTUNITIES TO AUGMENT LEARNING (TOTAL) INCUBATOR PROJECT Digital learning initiatives are happening across the BU campus. This Q&A series highlights innovative ideas, collaborative thinking, cutting-edge perspectives and those leading the digital teaching and learning charge.   The DL&I Incubator team is pleased to announce the launch of Training Opportunities To... More

GMS Alumni Spotlight: Dr. Ann-Marie Richard

We sat down for a conversation with Dr. Ann-Marie Richard, who received her PhD in Pathology from GMS in 2003. She currently works in Pfizer's Internal Medicine Division as a Patient Engagement Lead. Can you tell us a little about your role at Pfizer? I actually came from being a full-time scientist. I moved from principle scientist to the patient engagement role about three years ago. I always say I’m the bridge between the patients and... More

GMS Spotlight: Professional Life

At Graduate Medical Sciences, we understand that a successful graduate education prepares students for the real world. To make sure each and every one of our students knows their career options, feels prepared for job interviews, and is confident in their ability to network, our Professional Life office offers various workshops, trainings, and seminars throughout the academic year. From personalized mentorship to networking opportunities and internship information, GMS Professional Life works to ensure that our MS, PhDs, More

Climate Action Group Project Aims to Improve Mask Disposal

Face masks are an important component of infection control during the COVID-19 pandemic. However, the prevalence of face masks has resulted in a great amount of improperly discarded masks around Boston, including on and near the BU Medical Campus. To combat this issue of improper face mask disposal, the Climate Action Group has developed a mask disposal solution in conjunction with BMC/BUMC Facilities, Graduate Medical Sciences, the School of Public Health, and the Medical School in... More

Spotlight Interview: Dr. Tara Moore

Dr. Tara Moore is the Director of the Forensic Anthropology program and one of the Lab Directors at the BUSM Laboratory of Cognitive Neurobiology. We had a chance to speak to her recently about the NIH grant she secured for her research, the Forensic Anthropology Program, and her advice to graduate students! Congratulations on being funded by the NIH! Can you tell us a little more about your research? We have a model of cortical damage which... More

BU Alum Makes Gift To GMS BU’s BEST/Professional Life Program

Dr. Erika Ebbel Angle (GMS ’12) and her husband Colin Angle have donated a generous gift to the Graduate Medical Sciences (GMS) Professional Life Office.  When asked about their motivation for the gift, Dr. Angle stated that “professional development of graduate students while in school greatly enhances the collegiate experience while also further preparing students for the next steps after graduation.” Dr. Angle graduated in 2012 from BU, earning a PhD in Biochemistry under the guidance... More

Spotlight Interview: Dr. Kip Thomas

Dr. Kevin "Kip" Thomas is the Principal Investigator for the Laboratory for Human Neurobiology, as well as the Program Director for both the Master’s of Science in Bioimaging and Healthcare Emergency Management Degree Programs. He spoke with us about the newly installed 3 Tesla Philips Ingenia Elition MRI at the Center for Biomedical Imaging, the value of a Master's in Bioimaging, and more!   There's some exciting news coming to the BioImaging Program: a new 3T Philips... More