Meet the Staff

Graduate Medical Sciences administration is an indispensable part of the BUSM community. Our staff supports the education, success and well-being of over 900 graduate students and postdocs throughout their career at Boston University School of Medicine. Please visit our office or use the directory below.

GMS Leadership

Associate Dean,

Room L-317


Assistant Deans

Stephen Brady, PhD Stephen Brady, PhD
Assistant Dean,  Masters Programs,
Director, Mental Health Counseling Program
Professor of Psychology
Theresa A. Davies, PhD Theresa A. Davies, PhD
Assistant Dean, Graduate Affairs
Director, MS Oral Health Sciences Program
Assistant Professor of Medical Sciences & Education
Andrew Henderson, PhD Andrew Henderson, PhD
Assistant Dean, Doctoral Programs
Associate Professor of Medicine
Barbara Schreiber, PhD Barbara Schreiber, PhD
Assistant Dean, Alumni Affairs
Associate Professor of Biochemistry
Gregory A. Viglianti, PhD Gregory A. Viglianti, PhD
Assistant  Dean, Operations
Associate Professor of Microbiology


Gwynneth D. Offner, PhD Gwynneth Offner, PhD
Director,  MS Medical Sciences Program
Associate Professor of Medicine
Fadie Coleman, MA, PhD Fadie Coleman, MA, PhD
Director, BLCS Program
Assistant Professor, Medical Sciences & Education
M. Isabel Dominguez, PhD M. Isabel Dominguez, PhD
Director, Summer Training as Research Scholars
Assistant Professor of Medicine
Brigitte Ritter, PhD Brigitte Ritter, PhD
Assistant Professor, Biochemistry
Director for Data Tracking & Grant Support

Student Services

Sherill Ashe Sherill Ashe
Financial Aid Administrator
Millie Agosto Millie Agosto
Cindy Yee-Lin Cindy Yee-Lin
Assistant Registrar


Graduate Affairs

Marketing and Communications Specialist
Shuchita Rao 

Data Administrator


   Israel De La Cruz Israel De La Cruz
Financial Manager  Communications Specialist

Post-Doctoral Affairs

Sarah Hokanson

Assistant Provost

Professional Development and Postdoctoral Affairs

Amanda Bolgioni-Smith Amanda Bolgioni-Smith 
Postdoctoral Associate in Professional Development


Administrative Staff

Kimberly Arena Kimberly Arena
Executive Assistant to the Associate Provost
Farrah Belizaire Farrah Belizaire
Manager of Diversity and Inclusion
Jorge Fortin Jorge Fortin
Administrative Coordinator
Vincent Moore Vincent Moore
OHS Program Coordinator
Nancy Ferrer-Tatkowska Nancy Ferrer-Tatkowska
Program Coordinator
Ying-Ju Lai
MAMS Program Coordinator