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Our office is located in room L-317 on the 3rd floor of the BU Chobanian & Avedisian School of Medicine Instructional Building (L Building). The Registrar office is also located on the 3rd floor, in room L-309.

Graduate Medical Sciences
Boston University Chobanian & Avedisian School of Medicine
72 East Concord St., L-317, L309
Boston, MA 02118 
Phone – 617-358-9518

If you require Program Specific Information please contact the specific Program Administrator directly. Not sure who to contact? Below you will find a list of the GMS staff to assist you.

    • Address Changes* (In addition to entering this information on the student link, written notification should be submitted to contacts above.)
    • Attendance Verifications
    • Certified Full Time Letter Requests
    • Change of Program
    • Class Scheduling*
    • Diploma Applications* (submissions/questions)
    • Dissertation Prospectus/outline (submission)
    • Add/Drop Forms, a.k.a. Course Adjustment Forms* (submission/questions)
    • Final Oral Defense Schedule* (submission/questions)
    • Health Insurance Waiver
    • International Student Verifications
    • Letter of Enrollment Requests
    • Registration Forms* (submission/questions about registration)
    • Student Accounting Issues* ( or
    • Thesis/Dissertation – format check before submission*
    • Thesis/Dissertation Submission – final signed versions for transmittal to Mugar Library
    • Transfer of Credit Form (submission and evaluation)
  • Please contact Dr. Theresa Davies (617-358-9546) for the following information:
    • Disabilities Access & Services
    • Master’s programs related questions
    • Admissions Recruitment/ Graduate Fairs

Please contact Kimberly Arena (617-358-9554) for the following information:
*Alternate contact: Dr. Theresa Davies (617-358-9546)

*Alternate contact: Grace Marango (617-358-8476)

    • Commencement
    • Orientation*
    • Student Organization (GMSSO) Liaison
    • Travel Awards
    • Special Events Planning
  • Please contact Mike Bloom (617-358-2160) for the following information:
    *Alternate contact: Sarah Rowan (617-358-9517)
    • Marketing and Communications*
    • Website*
    • EMP
  • Please contact Dr. Gregory Viglianti (617-358-9543) for the following information:
    • Faculty Committees Liaison
    • Doctoral Program Questions
    • GMS Office Operations
  • Please contact Grace Marango (9617-358-9516) for the following information:
    • Schedule an appointments with Dr. Jamie McKnight, Associate Provost & Dean
    • Scholarship Coordination (GSRF, Howard Hughes, etc.)
    • GMS Steering, Awards, DEI, Committees
  • Contact Dr. Gwynneth Offner (617-358-9541) for the following information:
    • Letter of Enrollment Requests MAMS

    Please contact program directly for the following information:

      • Admissions Applications/Interviews / Program Information:  Doctoral and M.D./Ph.D.
      • Admissions Applications / Program Information: Masters/PhD
    • Please contact Dr. Sarah Hokanson (617-358-2111) for the following information:
      • Post doc Inquiries
    • Please contact Dr. Isabel Dominguez (617-414-1829) for the following information:
      • Summer Training as Research Scholars (STaRS)