Boston University Graduate Medical Sciences is proud to embrace and support the diverse individuals that make up our community. Each month, Diversity, Equity & Inclusion will share interviews of our students, faculty and staff, highlighting their diverse backgrounds and experiences. We hope that these interviews will provide a lens through which you get to know the many unique and vibrant individuals that comprise GMS.

All About Olivia

“How did I find myself here? I wasn’t seeking it. I was following my nose; looking for a lab that was a good lab environment. I was attracted to the science because of the challenge. Biophysics is a really intimidating field. I liked the challenge, but also it’s very interdisciplinary…”
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All About Keshia

“I hadn’t realized how complex cancer was or how many different angles there could be to approaching the same problem. Finding my own niche in that space and then trying to connect it to other things I’m interested in like immunology and stem cells has been invigorating for me…”
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All About Dennis

“In my current lab I hope to get even closer to looking at human disease by collaborating with clinicians here at the medical center to get an idea of what goes on in human cancer progression. “
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