Boston University Graduate Medical Sciences is proud to embrace and support the diverse individuals that make up our community. Each month, Diversity, Equity & Inclusion will share interviews of our students, faculty and staff, highlighting their diverse backgrounds and experiences. We hope that these interviews will provide a lens through which you get to know the many unique and vibrant individuals that comprise GMS.

All about Alicia

“…BU School of Medicine already had a wonderful Pulmonary Center established and my goal ultimately was to do lung research. That was propelled by the [fact] that my mother passed away from lung cancer, so I really wanted to some type of research with the lungs. Now at the same time, BU School of Medicine, and Boston itself, is quite accessible. There’s Interpreter Service, there’s quite a large deaf community. ”

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All About Tina

…She decided to make the transition to graduate school after working in the pulmonary division of the department of medicine at University of Colorado Anchutz Medical Campus. There, she focused on pulmonary hypertension complications from exposure to hemoglobin. After 5 years in the pulmonary division and two first author papers, she decided to attend Boston University for graduate school...”
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All About Kathryn

…I was very much inspired to use pharmacological methods to treat Alzheimer’s Disease. So, I specifically learned about the Pharmacology program here at BU. I had previously participated in the [STaRS] summer research experience here during my junior year and I was able to work in the Pharmacology department. That was a great experience…”
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