Life of an OHS Student


Fall Semester (79 hrs/week)

Spring Semester (66 hrs/week)



The majority of your class time will be in lectures where you enhance your biomedical science foundation for future dental school classes.

Review Sessions

Review sessions are held each week for your DMD courses and lead by OHS D1 student TA’s. These are critical in allowing you space to ask questions and review course material with peers and mentors.


Studying often consists of hours outside of lecture or class for pre-exposure to material, post-lecture review, synthetization of information gained in course lectures, case studies, assignments and outside review material, tutoring, all leading to mastering the content material. We encourage studying both independently and with peers.


Throughout the semester you will attend enrichment events for further development of your skills outside of the classroom including ethics, cultural competence and professionalism, well-being and mental health, time management skills, enhancing your academics, and much more.


It is important that you take time to care for yourself both physically and mentally. This can include engaging in a hobby, exercise, recreational activities in and around Boston and practicing mindfulness. You also must make time for some fun and social interaction.


During your second semester and summer course work, you will be writing either a culminating capstone or thesis which includes developing research question on a topic of your choice in dentistry, completing literature review and writing of the final scholarly work.