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90% of graduates matriculate to dental school


The MS in Oral Health Sciences  is a one year credential-enhancing pre-dental master’s program.

Our mission is to prepare students as strong candidates for future admission to dental school.

Oral Health Sciences (OHS) students take courses through Boston University Henry M. Goldman School of Dental Medicine (BUGSDM) and Graduate Medical Sciences (GMS) at Boston University School of Medicine. Through immersion in a rigorous graduate biomedical sciences masters curriculum including several first year dental school courses (DMD-1), students develop essential critical thinking and research skills. The program fosters an environment of high standards for professionalism, integrity and collegiality where students build upon their abilities to enable future success.

The MS program takes four semesters to complete.  The majority of enrolled students complete the degree in one calendar year enrolling in classes in late July and completing the program the following July; this allows students to matriculate to dental school without requiring an additional gap year. In addition to dental coursework, students also are able to take courses across a variety of disciplines including public health, ethics, evidence-based dentistry and research.

Program Success

Reasons to Come to OHS

Credential-Enhancing Masters Program: Provides students with the opportunity to build academic credentials for dental school admission

Housed in Boston University’s School of Medicine’s Graduate Medical Sciences: Housed in Boston University’s School of Medicine’s Graduate Medical Sciences: The BU Medical Campus which houses the Graduate School, Medical School, Boston Medical Center and the Goldman School of Dental Medicine provides a diverse campus for both academic and professional growth for pre-dental students.

Boston: Located in the vibrant city of Boston, rich in history, art, sports, medicine and education

Rigorous, graduate-level curriculum: Students take a rigorous 32 cr curriculum with 18 cr of first year dental school classes taken side-by-side BU’s dental students.

Improve Academic Preparedness for Dental School Admission:  Develop strong study and test taking skills as well as the ability to network and multi-task.

Strong Advising, Career Mentoring and AADSAS Application Assistance: Advising throughout the program on not just academics but also professionalism and DMD application support.

Strong Community: Students build a strong community with fellow students, near-peers and faculty and have excellent exposure to life as a dental student.

Stresses Academics, Professionalism and Critical Thinking: Through academic and professional enrichment events, students are supported at all steps towards program completion and dental school admission.

Admission to Dental School: More than 90% of OHS  graduates are successful in matriculating to US dental schools.

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Theresa A. Davies, Ph.D.
Director, M.S. in Oral Health Sciences
BU School of Medicine, L 317
Christina Bowley, M.A.
Program Manager
BU School of Medicine  |