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Medical Education Journal Club

The Medical Education Journal Club is all about informal discussions on three different medical education topics presented in journal articles. Prior to the meeting, a list of three articles will be sent to participants to read. A summary will be given for each article to trigger the discussions. Everyone can participate even if you do not have time to read all of the articles.

The purpose of this journal club is to facilitate faculty member’s knowledge about current trends in medical education and literature analysis through group discussions with peers.

Learning Objectives:
As a result of participation in the Medical Education Journal Club discussions, the faculty will be able to:

  • Increase exposure to evolving concepts in medical education
  • Identify, develop, and teach critical appraisal skills
  • Promote medical education research
  • Consider applying new medical education concepts to teaching and assessment

Medical Education Journal Club 2015-2016 Schedule and Presentations

  1. Tues, September 15 OMEJCSept2015
  2. Wed, November 18 OMEJCNov2015
  3. Thurs, January 21 OMEJCJan2016
  4. Tues, March 15  OMEJCMar2016
  5. Tues, May 17 OMEJCMay2016
  6. Wed, July 20 OMEJCJuly2016
  7. Tues, Sept 27 OMEJCSept2016

Medical Education Journal Club 2017 Schedule and Presentations

  1. Wed, March 22 OMEJCJMAR2017
  2. Thurs, May 17 OMEJCJMAY2017

All meetings take place 12-1pm with a light lunch.
Please contact Gail March, Ph.D. at gmarch@bu.edu or 617-414-7440 if you will be attending to receive the articles to read and the scheduled room number.

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