Medical Students

Clerkships & Other Opportunities for Medical Students

MS3 Selective

The Third-Year Medical Student Selective is open to Boston University medical students who are interested in doing an elective in Emergency Medicine.

MS4 Clerkship

The Fourth-Year Medical Student Clerkship is open to Boston University and U.S. medical students who are interested in emergency medicine.

MS4 EM Ultrasound Elective

The Emergency Medicine Ultrasound Elective is a four-week elective designed to introduce fourth-year medical students to the use of point-of-care (POC) ultrasound in the emergency department.

Information for Visiting Medical Students

Visiting students should visit the BUSM Office of the Registrar for more information on the application process. We offer a Subsidized Visiting Elective Program for medical students from ethnicities that are underrepresented in medicine. 

Please email Shawnda Walker ( for more information.