Pre-Hospital Medicine

Residents participate in a variety of EMS activities starting with the intern EMS rotation. During this time residents engage in EMS ride-alongs, observe dispatch operations, and work in conjunction with EMS medical administration in activities such as quality assurance, case reviews, and large event planning. Additionally, each resident is trained and provides medical control for Boston EMS and has the opportunity to volunteer at major events such as the Boston Marathon finish line. Many residents have used elective time to work on QI and research projects with Boston EMS or rotate with Boston MedFlight to learn more about critical care and air transport.

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EMS Fellowship

The Boston Medical Center EMS Fellowship is an ACGME-accredited one-year program. The primary EMS system in this program is Boston EMS, the municipal Emergency Medical Service for the City of Boston with over 120,000 clinical incidents per year. We offer access to the front-line opportunities that help train you to be an EMS Medical Director in a variety of settings. Including on-site academy training, EMS in-service education, mass gathering event preparation, disaster preparedness, and administrative and financial aspects of EMS. With our critical care transport partnership with Boston MedFlight, you get the best-in-class experience with critical care transport. Working with Boston Medical Center, we are engaging in community needs with our Boston EMS MIH programs. Clinical shifts are at West Roxbury VA, with opportunities to be involved in disaster management and planning.

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For more information or to apply, please contact our Program Director:

Sophia Dyer, MD, FACEP, FAEMS
Medical Director, Boston EMS
Associate Medical Director, Boston MedFlight

EMS Faculty

Sophia Dyer
Division Chief of EMS
Medical Director, Boston EMS
Associate Medical Director, Boston MedFlight

Ariana Weber
Associate Medical Director, Boston EMS