The Center for Medical Simulation is a dedicated section of the Department of Emergency Medicine with the mission to improve clinical care, reduce medical errors, and promote team-building by simulating encounters with critically ill and injured patients. Our simulation faculty are leaders in the field. They, along with residents participating in the simulation elective, design and run cases for all the departments in the hospital. We use state-of-the-art simulation equipment in training faculty, residents, students, and nurses. We also have trauma simulators on which we teach complicated procedures such as central venous catheterization, cricothyrotomy, pigtail thoracostomy, and pericardiocentesis.

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Simulation teaching has been comprehensively integrated into the EM residency curriculum with monthly scheduled sessions as part of the annual conference curriculum. Cases are diagnostically challenging and allow residents to practice at “one level” above their year of residency. Additionally, residents can receive one-on-one training with faculty and senior residents throughout the year, managing a variety of cases including critically ill patients and trauma victims. Residents with a particular interest in this area may participate in a four-week elective which includes using the simulation technology as well as participating in section-based research.

SIM Faculty

Ron Medzon
Director, Solomont Center for Medical Simulation & Nursing Education

Stephanie Stapleton
Director of Emergency Medicine Simulation