Our Emergency Department boasts a vibrant Ultrasound Section that is committed to promoting resident excellence in the diagnostic and procedural applications of emergency bedside sonography.

The Ultrasound Section is active in resident education, holding a lecture series as part of the annual conference curriculum and numerous small group sessions that provide hands-on instruction by faculty. Overall, the ultrasound section sponsors more than 250 hours of faculty-taught ultrasound training activities every year. This includes interactive didactics, regular hands-on small group sessions on simulation days as well as our own departmental SonoBowl! Each year we sponsor a team to compete in Sonogames at SAEM.

Emergency Ultrasound Fellowship

BMC offers a well-established, EUFAC credentialed, Advanced Emergency Ultrasound Fellowship. For more information and to apply, click here. (in case you need it, that url is: https://www.eusfellowships.com/programs/details?id=48)

Resident Rotations

Interns start their year with a 15-hour introduction to emergency ultrasound during orientation and then complete a one month rotation with frequent one-on-one instruction by ultrasound faculty and weekly image review.

Residents may also participate in advanced ultrasound electives after their intern year. Advanced electives involve self-directed learning in an area of interest for the participating resident.

All graduating residents are expected to meet ACEP’s ultrasound training guidelines as a minimum. Ongoing quality assurance is accomplished by review of recorded studies by US section faculty. Upon graduation, residents receive an “Attestation of Emergency Ultrasound Training at BMC” document outlining their training experience and total studies performed and reviewed.

Ultrasound Resources

Additional ultrasound resources, including educational videos, FOAM resources, and the ultrasound section’s calendar of events, can be found here.

Ultrasound Faculty

Meera Muruganandan
Division Chief of Emergency Ultrasound (Interim)

Lindsay Davis
Fellowship Director, Emergency Ultrasound (Interim)

Andreas Dewitz
Clinical Director of POCUS Education, Solomont Simulation Center