A school built upon educational excellence.

Each year, approximately 180 new medical students and 350 graduate medical sciences students matriculate at our school. The demanding and rigorous training curriculum our medical students experience encompass clinical work at more than 40 outpatient sites ranging from hospitals to private clinics, as well as laboratory research focused on the molecular, immunologic and biophysical foundations of disease toward cures.

A long tradition of research and innovation.

Faculty push the frontiers of scientific and medical knowledge, just as they’ve done for more than 175 years. We’re determining the fundamentals of how the human body and its pathogens work. We’re discovering new ways to diagnose and treat the most devastating human diseases, including cancer, diabetes, Alzheimer’s, heart attack, and stroke. And we’re studying the genetic signatures of exceptional longevity in humans and the cardiovascular consequences of metabolic disease.

Our affiliations with Boston Medical Center, St. Elizabeth’s Medical Center, the VA Healthcare System and Kaiser Permanente in Northern California along with more than 20 other institutional partners give our MD students the opportunity to treat diverse patient populations The close tie between research and clinical programs help our innovations find real-world applications.

Focus: compassion.

The heart of our educational philosophy is to create a community of future physicians, scientists, and health care professionals who are patient focused and skilled in caring for all people, regardless of culture or circumstance. Our MD students begin seeing patients the first week of the first year curriculum. These students are contributing to the care of extremely challenging patients and learn to effectively communicate with and treat each patient with respect and compassion. Our PhD and master’s students participate in an array of cutting-edge research utilizing state-of-the-art facilities providing the highest quality services to investigators through our expert, multidisciplinary faculty and the most up-to-date instruments and equipment. Our students gain valuable research skills including the opportunity to publish their work.

Diversity and inclusion.

We have been committed to inclusion and diversity since our founding—both at the school and through our community outreach. Created by a merger of Boston University and the New England Female Medical College in 1873, we were among the first coeducational medical schools in the nation. Our alumni include the first Black female physician and the first Native American physician. It’s more than just talk for us. Recruiting and retaining a heterogeneous student body and faculty are a priority. We firmly believe in diversity of culture, race, and gender—and also ideas, solutions, and perspectives as critical components of achieving excellence at Chobanian & Avedisian School of Medicine.