Students in the Oral Health Sciences program take classes through the Goldman School of Dental Medicine and the Division of Graduate Medical Sciences. Our teaching faculty in both schools are passionate about their fields, have years of research and practical experience and are truly invested in student learning.

Program Administrators

Theresa A. Davies, PhD – Program Director

Dr. Davies began her tenure at BUSM in the Department of Biochemistry over 30 years ago and currently directs the Oral Health Sciences program. She loves working with students, whether she’s teaching, mentoring or providing thesis help. She teaches Introduction to Biomedical Information and Evidence Based Dentistry. Learn more about Dr. Davies’ research.

Brigitte Ritter, PhD – Program Assistant Director

Dr. Ritter is currently the Director, Data Tracking and Training Support in GMS and Assistant Director of Oral Health Sciences. Her research interests and expertise is in intracellular receptor sorting controls basic cellular functions such as nutrient uptake and signaling as well as complex behaviors such as migration, differentiation and tissue morphogenesis. Accordingly, the proteins and mechanisms involved in the various sorting pathways are key to normal cell physiology and their misregulation directly contributes to human disease. Learn more about Dr. Ritter’s research.

Maura Kelley, MD, Faculty Advisor:

Dr. Kelley is a specialist in Infectious Diseases who has taught at BUSM since 2008. She teaches first- and second-year medical students in the doctoring curriculum, which consists of Integrated Problems and Introduction to Clinical Medicine. She teaches Fundamentals of Head and Neck Anatomy and Infectious Diseases. Learn more about Dr. Kelley’s research.

Affiliated Faculty