Vejdani Jahromi, Maryam Culture

Dr Maryam Vejdani Jahromi Shares the Music and Dance of her Persian/Iranian Culture

I had never imagined how difficult and at the same time exciting it would be to pick a window to open to a culture among the various dimensions of it. I selected windows to Persian/Iranian music/dance and art/handcrafts and hope that you enjoy them:

Traditional Persian/Iranian  Music

Music is a fundamental part of the Persian/Iranian culture. This is a sample of traditional music performed in Iran a few years ago with a number of traditional instruments including “Tar”, “Santoor”, “Daf”, “Tonbak”, “Kamanche”, “Nei”, “Rubab”,”Oud”.

Traditional Persian Dance

Persian traditional/Sufi dance, “Sama”, is a transcendental Sufi dance that means “listening”. Origination of “Sama” has been credited to Rumi, the great Persian poet.

Art of Enameling

Mina: “Enamel working and decorating metals with colorful and baked coats is one of the distinguished courses of art in Isfahan/Iran.”

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