Getting Started with Radiology Research

In order to get started with research, you’ll need to do the following:


IRB Access:

1) Please go to the BUMC IRB link and register with CITI as a Biomedical Researcher.

2) Complete the 3 CITI training certifications:

  • Protection of Human Subjects
  • Good Clinical Practice

3) When you have completed the trainings, please forward the following to Margaret LaVoye

  • 3 CITI certificates
  • BU email
  • BU ID number

4) Then, follow these instructions to get INSPIR access:

FYI when you’re logging in, make sure to use your Boston University Kerberos username (BU email address).

Redcap signup:

1) Go to the CTSI webpage:

2) Scroll down to click on REDCap.

Choose “Request user access for REDCap”.

Fill out the online form and submit the “End User License Agreement” to the Tasha Coughlin (