Unique Hospital

Then and Now



  • First institution in the world to formally educate female physicians.
  • The first medical school in the United States to award an M.D. degree to an African-American woman


  • The first municipal hospital established in the United States.
  • Development of the nation’s first academically affiliated Home Medical Service.
  • First Radiology Department in the USA
  • One of the few research institutions of its kind when its activities began in 1912 linking research with clinical care
  • Home of the Framingham Heart Study
  • Alumnus Marcia Angell, former editor-in-chief of the New England Journal of Medicine – the only woman to hold the position in the job in 200 year history

BMC today

Video Showing an Overview of the Campus


BMC Mission

“Boston Medical Center (BMC) is dedicated to providing high quality, comprehensive, culturally relevant health care as an academic teaching hospital. BMC pursues this mission through sponsorship of graduate medical education programs.”


Diversity Inclusion Equity   A PowerPoint

Garden – First Roof Farm in a Hospital

Garden in the Sky at BMC