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Dr Bindu Setty on Dance as an Ancient and Celebrated Cultural Tradition in India

Her older daughter Siya (below in blue) demonstrates a dance move of Kathak and Sonal, her younger daughter shows a move in Bharatanatyam.  The art form takes years of practice to perfect.

Siya performing Kathak
Sonal performing Bharatanatyam

Dance is an ancient and celebrated cultural tradition in India. Bollywood and Bhangra come to mind when one thinks of Indian dance as these are more popular here in the US, thanks to them being incorporated in Zumba and Bolly-X workouts. Dancing and singing are featured heavily in Indian cinema (so-called “Bollywood” films) and also during festivals, such as Holi (festival of colors) and weddings. India has traditional, classical, folk and tribal dance styles. Emerged in northern India in 400 BCE, Kathak (sanskrit for “storytelling”) is one of the major form of Indian classical dance. Bharatanatyam is an ancient classical dance which traces it roots to the Hindu temples of Tamil Nadu, in southeastern India and has been dated to the 2nd century. All forms of Indian classical dance are heavy on abhinaya, or the art of expression. For more information, please click this link below.

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