BMC RAD BEAT Challenge Dancing to the Sounds of MRI and Ultrasound

Ashley Davidoff

RAD BEAT – The Music

I was inspired by the rhythmic beat of one of the components of the MRI machine (all patients who have had an MRI know this rhythmic sound ) which is the sound of the cold head pump that helps the helium cool the MRI magnets.  I found this sound and beat to be a very “cool ” and danceable

In addition, the sound of the pulse in the body has the rhythm of the heart beat of course This sound comes in, in the second half of the song  It is such a primitive sound which we have experienced ever since our in utero experience and of course is “close to all our  hearts”
As a former competitive tap and flamenco dancer I was inspired by the rhythm and asked our family of dancers and musicians to write the music and choreograph the dance.

MRI Sounds Provided by Andy Ellison
Doppler Sounds provided by Flavia Figueiredo
Music and Dance by the Davidoff Family

The dance was choreographed with the intention of making it easily teachable and learnable  so that we could  include all who are interested to  join in.  Our dictum is that if you can walk then you can dance though even people who are wheel chair bound or sick in bed can participate.

RAD BEAT – The Dance in Preparation

BMC RAD BEAT Challenge Video of the DANCE

Below BMC RAD BEAT Challenge Dance Instructions

Recording with music and voice overlay of dance movement  instruction  – Download to practice

Ashley Davidoff MD


Click to See the Dance 

BMC RAD BEAT Challenge

BMC RAD BEAT Challenge Recording for the Children

It so happens that the skeleton logo  is relevant to  Radiology,  Rad Tech profession and Halloween
 The dates of the celebrations ie Halloween in October and Rad Tech Week in November defines the order when we do the dance for each celebration


1) RAD BEAT dance on the 19th of October 2022 performed by the BMC Radiology troupe for Halloween, videoed on the Moakley Green by the social media crew directed by Caroline Thompson and posted by PR for BMC.   Hopefully it will gain some traction on social media


2) Teach and perform RAD BEAT  by Radiology troupe for the kids on pediatric ward at BMC on Halloween October 31st
3) Invite the hospital to celebrate Rad Tech week in early November and have Radiology teach the hospital folks BMC RAD BEAT Challenge on the Green – perhaps personally invite  the executive group to dance with us
ASRT National Radiologic Technology Week
November 6-12, 2022
Come Dance with US November 7th
Ashley Davidoff

4)Take the dance to teach at AUR and enter the talent contest



Music and Dance  
Davidoff Family

Sounds from Ultrasound
Flavia Figueiredo Ultrasound technologist BMC

  1. Portal Vein

2. IVC

3. Aorta

MRI sounds

Andy Ellison MRI Technologist BMC research magnet

Cold head Pump

FLAIR Sequence



Sounds from YOU Tube