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Ashley Davidoff – Celebrating His South African Culture

Music, Language, a Beetle, and a Xhosa Wedding Celebration

The Click Song 1963 

by Miriam Makeba (Wiki)

I love this song because it brings the color of language expressed in the song of a Xhosa wedding celebration
Miriam Makeba, sings a Xhosa wedding celebration song about a beetle that makes certain knocking sounds which are supposed to bring good luck and rain
In South Africa there are at  least thirty-five indigenous languages 9 of which are official – NdebelePediSothoSwatiTsongaTswanaVenḓaXhosaZulu 

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Celebrating His Jewish Culture with a Sculpture and a Poem

The Shofar and Yom Kippur- The Day of At Onement

The Sounds of the Shofar
Ashley Davidoff

September is here
And the beat of the bleat
Causes a shudder in my soul

Look into yourself, it stutters
And throw out the clutter
That mutters, mutters, mutters,
Nit natters, and gnaws ..
Of things no matter and nought

Think of the sweet
And the lush of the apples with honey
Play on round and wholeness
Rather than the sharp and incisive

Take the imperfection and chaos
Around and in you
And round them into harmony and wholeness
On the day of At Onement and forward