Art and Hobbies Dr Davidoff

The Common Vein is the epicenter of a career long intellectual and personal pursuit to understand the world within us and around us, and an attempt to bring my life as a person, doctor and radiologist, father, and member of society all together using common principles.  It is an ongoing  web based educational project that explores complex issues by identifying the underlying principles and recurring patterns of the world in, and around us.  The observation that the whole is bigger than the parts is seminal, and is a recurring pattern  from the atom to the universe.  Similarly universal, is the conscious and unconscious need to pursue wholeness or oneness.  In human biology the  most miraculous example of this, which is within the grasp of all human experience, is conception. Two cells meet and bond at the right place at the right time and a new life is created.

The Common Vein also aims at integrating biology and medicine with other creative human endeavors, and focuses on using images and imagery to communicate ideas.  Some of the components of the web site are listed below

Categories of Exploration

  1. Art Reflecting the Common Vein Principles

  2. Organs Disease and Diagnosis in the Body

  3. Art of Radiology

  4. Medical Art

    1. Painting and Sculptures

    2. Photography

      1. Photography of Dance

      2. Photography – dOG wALK aRT

      3. Expressionist Photography

      4. Impressionist Photography

    3. Sculptures and Painting

    4. Poetry

    5. RAD BEAT –  Music and Dance to the Sounds of MRI and US

    6. Gardening