Clinical Sciences Research

Advances in biology and medicine have resulted in newer approaches to patient studies that are extraordinarily high-throughput.  Whereas science in prior years tended to be built incrementally, one observation per patient and one patient at a time, today’s Pulmonary Center investigators collect and interrogate huge quantities of data: thousands, tens of thousands, even millions of observations from a single patient sample; thousands, tens of thousands, even millions of people included in a study. These high-throughput approaches are providing unprecedented windows into lung disease.  Some of our research interests related to high-throughput patient-oriented and population-oriented lung disease research include:

Alpha-1 antitrypsin disease (KasermanKotton, Wilson)

Amyloidosis (Berk)

ARDS (BosmannFine, Jones, Mizgerd, Quinton, TraberWalkey)

Asthma (Center, Chen, Cohen, O’Connor, Remick)

Bioinformatics (Billatos, JonesLenburg, RockSpira, Steiling)

Cigarette smoking (Brody, O’Connor, Spira, Steiling)

Clinical trials (Berk, Farber, KathuriaKlingsTheodore, Walkey)

COPD (Brody, Kotton, O’Connor, RinneSpira, Steiling, Wilson)

Epidemiology (O’Connor, Walkey, Wiener)

Evidence synthesis, methodology, and guidelines development (Wilson)

Improvement and implementation science (KathuriaMurphy, Rinne, Walkey)

Interstitial lung disease (Alysandratos, BosmannCenter, Fine, Goldstein, Hawkins, KottonMaglione)

Lung cancer (Brody, GrinstaffIaccarinoKathuria, Spira, Steiling, Wiener)

Patient iPS cells (Alysandratos, HawkinsKasermanKotton, MaglioneMostaslovsky, Murphy, Wilson)

Outcomes and health services research (Iaccarino, RinneWalkey, Wiener)

Pulmonary hypertension (Klings, Trojanowska)

Sepsis (BosmannQuinton, RemickWalkey)

Sickle cell disease (Klings)

Smoking cessation (KathuriaWiener)