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2024 Kayla Bell Citizen Award Winner

The Pulmonary Center is happy to announce Riley Pihl as the winner of the 2024 Kayla Bell Pulmonary Center Citizenship Award! Riley Pihl PhD Student The Kayla Bell Pulmonary Center Citizenship Award was established to celebrate and commemorate Kayla’s time at the Pulmonary Center, and to encourage others to follow in her footsteps. More

New R01: Fibrin in the Infected Lung

We are pleased to share that Joseph P. Mizgerd, ScD, the Jerome S. Brody, MD, Professor of Pulmonary Medicine and Director of the Pulmonary Center, has been awarded a four-year, $2.9 million RO1 grant from the NIH’s National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute for his research “Fibrin in the Infected... More

Dr. Klings Advances the Fight against Sickle Cell Disease

A recent article published by Boston Magazine highlights the transformative impact of Dr. Klings' work, emphasizing the importance of collaboration between healthcare providers, researchers, and community organizations in tackling complex diseases like Sickle Cell Disease. As the largest center of its kind in New England, the Center of Excellence in... More

Kilachand Award for crystal ribcage studies of pneumonia

Drs. Hadi Nia and Jay Mizgerd have together received a 2023 Rajen Kilachand Fund for Integrated Life Sciences & Engineering award. This provides 3 years of funding, beginning in October 2023, for them and their teams to help illuminate (literally!) the immune response in the lungs against infectious microbes. By... More

Tweaking Host Cells to Better Fight Tuberculosis

Dr. Igor Kramnik has led a study published in Science Advances about helping host cells to better resist infection with Mycobacterium tuberculosis (Mtb). Because virulent Mtb infection causes tuberculosis (TB), guiding cells to fight this microbe could potentially curb the spread and severity of this disease. Dr. Kramnik and team... More

BU Researchers Describe Rebuilding, Regenerating Lung Cells

This week, Pulmonary Center researchers from the Center for Regenerative Medicine (CReM) report their successes in developing new techniques to implant engineered cells into damaged lung tissue. Such breakthroughs could offer potential treatments for lung conditions like emphysema, pulmonary fibrosis, and COVID-19. The studies, which outline the process of engineering... More

Podcast episode featuring Fellow Dr. Lauren Kearney

Dr. Lauren Kearney, third year pulmonary fellow, was joined by Dr. Katie Steiling and Dr. Chris Reardon to discuss an interesting case, highlight our pulmonary fellowship program, and share some research efforts to improve health equity. They were featured in an episode of Pulm PEEPs, from their Fellows’ Case Files... More

New RO1: Molecular Pathomechanisms of Legionellosis

In late June, we were delighted to learn that Dr. Markus Bosmann received funding for his new R01 'Molecular Pathomechanisms of Legionellosis'. Over the next four years, Dr. Bosmann will use this grant to study Legionella. Legionella are facultative, intracellular bacteria residing in aquatic environments from which contaminated inhaled aerosols cause... More