Support research to prevent and cure lung disease!

Help us honor former Pulmonary Member Kayla Bell by donating to the Kayla Bell Citizenship Award Fund!


For 2020, we will be making a major push for the Brody Endowment – thank you for your support!


Every gift to the Pulmonary Center is impactful.  Smaller donations will be pooled to bolster research in the Center, including but not limited to the creation and expansion of lung disease biobanks, to fostering new collaborative interactions among independent researchers, to the purchase and maintenance of shared equipment, to improvements in specialized research facilities, and to pilot funds for testing bold new ideas that are still in early and more speculative stages.  Larger donations can be used for training next generations of PhD scientists and MD pulmonology researchers, empowering discovery and advances immediately while creating new leaders that will drive progress against lung disease for decades to come.  Even more substantive donations can establish endowed faculty positions, ensuring we recruit and retain the very best scientists for our team fighting lung disease.  Finally, creating a permanent endowment for the Pulmonary Center would be game-changing.  Such financial stability would enable us to fortify our existing strengths, to grow in new directions, and to become even bolder with our ambitions to prevent and cure lung disease.

How to Give

To give, please go to BUSM Development and select “Pulmonary Research Fund” from the drop-down menu.  This will ensure your donation goes directly to fighting lung disease in the Pulmonary Center.  If you intend to support the research efforts of a particular faculty member or against a specific lung disease, please communicate your wishes along with your donation.

For discussions of potentially large or complex giving opportunities, please contact Dr. Joseph Mizgerd (Director of the Pulmonary Center) or Ms. Maura Coakley (Director Advancement, BUSM Development) directly.

Thank you for supporting the fight against lung disease.