Matthew R. Jones PhD

Associate Professor, Pulmonary, Allergy, Sleep & Critical Care Medicine

Member, Genome Science Institute

72 E. Concord Street | (617) 638-4860
Matthew Jones

Pulmonary, Allergy, Sleep & Critical Care Medicine


Pulmonary Center

Evans Center for Interdisciplinary Biomedical Research


I have expertise in innate immunology, pulmonary epithelial and lymphatic biology and post-transcriptional mechanisms of gene expression.

Other Positions


Pharmacology, PhD, Boston University School of Medicine

Chemistry, BA, University of Delaware


Published on 4/23/2024

Etesami NS, Barker KA, Shenoy AT, De Ana CL, Arafa EI, Grifno GN, Matschulat AM, Vannini ME, Pihl RMF, Breen MP, Soucy AM, Goltry WN, Ha CT, Betsuyaku H, Browning JL, Varelas X, Traber KE, Jones MR, Quinton LJ, Maglione PJ, Nia HT, Belkina AC, Mizgerd JP. B cells in the pneumococcus-infected lung are heterogeneous and require CD4+ T cell help including CD40L to become resident memory B cells. Front Immunol. 2024; 15:1382638. PMID: 38715601.

Published on 2/27/2024

Crossey E, Carty S, Shao F, Henao-Vasquez J, Ysasi AB, Zeng M, Hinds A, Lo M, Tilston-Lunel A, Varelas X, Jones MR, Fine A. Influenza Induces Lung Lymphangiogenesis Independent of YAP/TAZ Activity in Lymphatic Endothelial Cells. Res Sq. 2024 Feb 27. PMID: 38463972.

Published on 9/14/2023

Lyon De Ana C, Shenoy AT, Barker KA, Arafa EI, Etesami NS, Korkmaz FT, Soucy AM, Breen MP, Martin IMC, Tilton BR, Devarajan P, Crossland NA, Pihl RMF, Goltry WN, Belkina AC, Jones MR, Quinton LJ, Mizgerd JP. GL7 ligand expression defines a novel subset of CD4+ TRM cells in lungs recovered from pneumococcus. Mucosal Immunol. 2023 Oct; 16(5):699-710. PMID: 37604254.

Published on 11/29/2022

Jones MR, Lingampally A, Ahmadvand N, Chong L, Wu J, Wilhem J, Vazquez-Armendariz AI, Ansari M, Herold S, Ornitz DM, Schiller HB, Chao CM, Zhang JS, Carraro G, Bellusci S. FGFR2b signalling restricts lineage-flexible alveolar progenitors during mouse lung development and converges in mature alveolar type 2 cells. Cell Mol Life Sci. 2022 Nov 29; 79(12):609. PMID: 36445537.

Published on 3/8/2022

Arafa EI, Shenoy AT, Barker KA, Etesami NS, Martin IM, Lyon De Ana C, Na E, Odom CV, Goltry WN, Korkmaz FT, Wooten AK, Belkina AC, Guillon A, Forsberg EC, Jones MR, Quinton LJ, Mizgerd JP. Recruitment and training of alveolar macrophages after pneumococcal pneumonia. JCI Insight. 2022 Mar 08; 7(5). PMID: 35133985.

Published on 2/9/2022

Na E, Allen E, Baird LA, Odom CV, Korkmaz FT, Shenoy AT, Matschulat AM, Jones MR, Kotton DN, Mizgerd JP, Varelas X, Traber KE, Quinton LJ. Epithelial LIF signaling limits apoptosis and lung injury during bacterial pneumonia. Am J Physiol Lung Cell Mol Physiol. 2022 Apr 01; 322(4):L550-L563. PMID: 35137631.

Published on 2/7/2022

Sanders NL, Martin IMC, Sharma A, Jones MR, Quinton LJ, Bosmann M, Mizgerd JP. Neutrophil Extracellular Traps as an Exacerbating Factor in Bacterial Pneumonia. Infect Immun. 2022 03 17; 90(3):e0049121. PMID: 35130455.

Published on 10/5/2021

Shenoy AT, Lyon De Ana C, Arafa EI, Salwig I, Barker KA, Korkmaz FT, Ramanujan A, Etesami NS, Soucy AM, Martin IMC, Tilton BR, Hinds A, Goltry WN, Kathuria H, Braun T, Jones MR, Quinton LJ, Belkina AC, Mizgerd JP. Antigen presentation by lung epithelial cells directs CD4+ TRM cell function and regulates barrier immunity. Nat Commun. 2021 10 05; 12(1):5834. PMID: 34611166.

Published on 9/1/2021

Odom CV, Kim Y, Burgess CL, Baird LA, Korkmaz FT, Na E, Shenoy AT, Arafa EI, Lam TT, Jones MR, Mizgerd JP, Traber KE, Quinton LJ. Liver-Dependent Lung Remodeling during Systemic Inflammation Shapes Responses to Secondary Infection. J Immunol. 2021 10 01; 207(7):1891-1902. PMID: 34470857.

Published on 6/1/2021

Barker KA, Etesami NS, Shenoy AT, Arafa EI, Lyon de Ana C, Smith NM, Martin IM, Goltry WN, Barron AM, Browning JL, Kathuria H, Belkina AC, Guillon A, Zhong X, Crossland NA, Jones MR, Quinton LJ, Mizgerd JP. Lung-resident memory B cells protect against bacterial pneumonia. J Clin Invest. 2021 06 01; 131(11). PMID: 34060477.

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