Addiction Medicine Clinical & Research Training

The Clinical Addiction Research and Education (CARE) Unit faculty mentor and train a broad continuum of trainees – from students entering medical school to early career faculty members


Biomedical Genetics

Training opportunities are available for Doctoral and Master’s level research as well as Postdoctoral Positions in Genetic Epidemiology.



BU-CHART (HIV/AIDS Clinical Training Grant T32)

A two-year mentored postdoctoral research training program designed for physicians and other health scientists to enable them to conduct high-quality, ethical HIV/AIDS research focused on disadvantaged populations


Boston University Inflammatory Disorders Training Programs

Pre- and Postdoctoral research training opportunities under the mentorship of established investigators who study a broad range of inflammatory disorders.


Clinical Research Training (CREST) Program

CTSI’s Clinical Research Training (CREST) Program is an interactive mentored training program targeted at postdoctoral fellows and scientists in clinical or translational science.


Immunology Training Program

The Immunology Training Program is for PhD and MD/PhD candidates who are enrolled in the Division of Graduate Medical Sciences, partially funded through the T32 Training Grant, “Research Training in Immunology.”


Multidisciplinary Training Grant in Cardiovascular Epidemiology

This T32 training program provides postdoctoral scholars, with an M.D. or Ph.D., strong multidisciplinary training enabling them to pursue scientific careers in cardiovascular science. 


Hematology Training Program

The BUMC “Research Training Program in Blood Diseases and Resources” (T32HL07501), is an interdepartmental training program designed to train predoctoral PhD degree candidates and postdoctoral MDs, PhDs, and MD, PhDs in hematology related research.



 Basic and translational research in areas of glomerular disease, auto-immune disease, acute kidney injury, electrolyte disorders, uremic vascular disease, systemic amyloidosis, kidney cancer and cystic kidney disease, and kidney development and congenital kidney disease


Regenerative Medicine

The Center for Regenerative Medicine has opportunities for Postdoctoral Fellows in a variety of faculty labs focused on stem cells, developmental biology and regenerative medicine.


Dr. Seta spekaing with trainee in lab

Vascular Medicine





Multidisciplinary Training Program in Cardiovascular Disease

This program is unique, as it offers multidisciplinary state-of-the-art resources, advanced expertise of leading experts in the field, and professional guidance to a highly qualified and motivated group of postdoctoral fellows who want to pursue successful carriers in cardiovascular science.