The Pulmonary Center has strong ties to many other BU and BMC research and training units in which our faculty members have prominent leadership roles, including the following:

Alpha-1 Center (Director: Andrew Wilson)

Amyloidosis Center (Assistant Director: John Berk)

Center for Excellence in Sickle Cell Disease (Director: Elizabeth Klings)

Center for Implementation & Improvement Sciences (Co-Director: Allan Walkey)

Center for Regenerative Medicine (Director: Darrell Kotton)

Clinical & Translational Science Institute (Director: David Center)

Computational Biomedicine Section (Director: Avrum Spira)

Framingham Heart Study (Investigator: George O’Connor)

Graduate Program in Molecular and Translational Medicine (Director: Matthew Jones)

National Emerging Infectious Diseases Laboratories (Aerobiology Core Director: Igor Kramnik)

Pneumonia Biology (PIs: Jones, Mizgerd, Quinton, Traber)

Responsible Conduct of Research Program (Director: Alan Fine)