Boston University Science Policy Network (BUSPN)

Boston University Science Policy Network (BUSPN) is a science policy group committed to fostering a community of scientists engaged in public policy.

Our mission is to:
  1. Promote understanding of the role of science in informing policy both nationally and internationally
  2. To support interested graduate students and post-docs on the path to developing a career in policy
  3. To communicate the importance of science-led initiatives in legislation to the general public

To these ends, we have wide-ranging plans that include community outreach, inviting science policy experts to BU for talks, hosting student-led round table policy discussions, and sponsoring career exploration activities. We are also a chapter of the National Science Policy Network, opening up BUSPN members to a network of collaborations, the Annual Science Policy Symposium, and unique opportunities to practice engagement in science policy and apply for support for policy-related activities.

Whether you are aiming to make a difference with your career in the future, or are eager to help people in a concrete way during the course of your studies, the BUSPN community can help you transform your curiosity and good intentions into action.

Meet the current board:

President: Tara Miller, PhD Candidate

Vice President: Jessica Wright, PhD Candidate

Treasurer: Callie Donahue, PhD Student

Secretary: Kathryn Atherton, PhD Student

Communications Liaison: Lucila Houttuijn Bloemendaal, PhD Candidate

Science Policy Resources


MIT Policy Lab EdX course

Register to take the online course for free at this link
The MIT Policy Lab at the Center for International Studies (PL@CIS) launched an EdX course entitled “Tools for Academic Engagement in Public Policy.” This short course provides a clear, concise, high quality resource for scientists and engineers who are seeking to inform the development of public policy with their research.


Engaging Scientists and Engineers in Policy (ESEP) Coalition:

National Science Policy Network:

Science Policy Fellowships and Internships

List of science policy opportunities:–fellowships.html

Public Policy Summer Fellowship, a summer paid fellowship to work in key state and local agencies in the Greater Boston area, through the Harvard Kennedy School Rappaport Institute for Greater Boston

Switzer Fellowship, a yearlong fellowship supporting graduate students interested and working in environmental science, policy, justice, public health, and more.

Science Communication

Watch the Communicating Science Seminar from the 2019 AAAS Meeting

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