Biomedical PhD Student Organization

BPSO Mission 

The Biomedical PhD Student Organization (BPSO) aims to build and strengthen the community among PhD programs at BUMC; to foster personal and professional relationships between students faculty, alumni , and administrators; to promote interdisciplinary research at BU; and to cultivate camaraderie among Biomedical Science PhD students.

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BPSO Officers 2022 – 2023

President: Scott Adams (Microbiology) 

Vice President: Kostas Kontodimas (PiBS) 

Academic Liaison: Jason Weis (PiBS) 

Treasurer: Xavier Cambi (Pharmacology)

Administrative Coordinator: Cheyanne Frosti (PiBS) 

Stay tuned for the next BPSO Business Meeting


All PhD students are welcome to attend! The purpose of business meetings is to provide updates on what’s going on around campus related to PhD students. They also serve as an avenue for students to interact with one another and address student concerns so that we may relay them back to faculty.

BPSO Newsletter – August 2022

Stipend Increase for PhD Students

All BU PhD students will receive a 6.5% stipend increase reaching $40,000 for the 2022- 2023 academic year. The agreement was reached after students raised concerns about financial pressures amid the highest inflation rates the nation has experienced in decades. While BU acknowledges that the stipend increase does not match the current level of inflation, it is higher than the originally planned increase and more than the university has been able to offer the previous 5 years.

Managing Anxiety – Every Monday and Thursday through September 1st, 3:00PM-4:00PM

This skills-based group is designed for students who want to learn techniques, including cognitive-behavioral therapy strategies, to overcome anxious thoughts and feelings that may dominate
daily experiences. If you lose sleep worrying about tasks that need completed or avoid social situations for fear of judgment, this group can help! The location will be shared after registering

Building a Stronger You – Every Tuesday, 3:30PM-4:30PM

Having trouble coping with painful and/or strong feelings? This group aims to help students learn and practice dialectical behavioral therapy skills related to distress tolerance and emotion regulation. The location will be shared after registering here.

C3 Community Catalyst Center Ice Cream Social – August 24th, 12:00-1:00PM L306

The GMS Community Catalyst Center (C3) aims to foster holistic success for the diverse student community by helping students acclimate to Boston, adjust to graduate school academics, and gain a sense of belonging at GMS. Join GMS peers for ice cream in L306!


Congratulations, Doctor!

Alexander Gold – Microbiology

Flavivirus-Dependent Packaging of Aedes Aegypti Saliva Proteins into Extracellular Vesicles Enhances Infection


Upcoming Defenses

Bukola Adeoye – Microbiology

Mycobacterium Tuberculosis-Driven Heterologous Immunity and Consequences in HIV-I Co-Infection 

September 1st, 12:00 pm – X222


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