Biomedical PhD Student Organization

BPSO Mission 

The Biomedical PhD Student Organization (BPSO) aims to build and strengthen the community among PhD programs at BUMC; to foster personal and professional relationships between students faculty, alumni , and administrators; to promote interdisciplinary research at BU; and to cultivate camaraderie among Biomedical Science PhD students.

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BPSO Officers 2023 – 2024

President: Elise Armstrong
Vice President: Kaitlyn Alimenti
Administrative Coordinator: Scott Connelly
Treasurer: Xavier Cambi
Academic Affairs Liaison: Jason Weis
Union Liaison: Dilnar Mahmut

BPSO Business Meeting – March 5th, 5-6pm

Come to the Monthly BPSO business meeting at K103 for to express your opinion about upcoming events and free food!



Upcoming Events – Feb 2024

BPSO Crazzy Critters!
Wednesday, March 20th, 4-6pm

Back for his potentially final time, Devin Kenney will be showing his collection of
exotic animals at Crazzy Critters! Join us as he explains the ecology of these unique

animals in an interactive setting. Free food will be provided.

C3 Seminar: Mastering Self Advocacy in Graduate School

Tuesday, March 5th, 12-1pm in L-401

This event will discuss tips and tricks to help you navigate your academic
journey, comminucate effectivley, negotiate confidently, and own your
graduate school experience. Lunch will be provided.

DEI Office Hours with Assistant Deans of Diversity & Inclusion

March 5th and 19th! 12-1pm in C3 Suite, L-306

Get to know Assistant Deans of Diversity & Inclusion Shoumita Dasgupta, PhD,
and Karin Schon, PhD, with a safe space to bring up topics related to: Navigating
resources for diverse student needs – Being connected to a peer or faculty mentor

– Professional development or other questions for which you’d like advice – Navi-
gating Bston as a member of a minoritized community – Engaging with volunteer

opportunitites in the greater community – Any other issues with which you’d like

extra support! Lunch will be provided!

Elevate your LinkedIn Profile & Networking Strategy

Tuesday, March 5th, 5-6:15pm

In the current market, seekers’ online presence is more important than ever! Come
to gain an in-depth understanding of how to build a robust LinkedIn profile to get

noticed by recruiters. Discover how to use LinkedIn to make connections and re-
search employers, companies, jobs and alums so that you can expand your network.

Attendees are encouraged to bring a personal laptop or device to follow along

during the workship. This event is being offered in a HYBRID format.

BU’s BEST: Biomedical careers in academia panel discussion

Wednesday, March 20th, 10am-11:50am

Panelists Dr. Karen Bottenfield, Dr. Matthew Gagne, Dr. Sarah Mazzilli, Dr.
Elizabeth Zulick, and Dr. Barbara Schreiber will be on a panel to talk about

biomedical workforce opportunities.

Upcoming PhD Defence

Jack Sherman

“Transcranial ultrasound preferentially activates different
neuron populations depending on pulse frequency”
Wednesday March 6th, 12:30pm E-111

Gian Paolo Sepulveda
Genetics & Genomics

“The non-canonical role of DOT1L in regulating C-MYC-
driven transcription”

Thursday March 7th, 1pm K-103

Callie Donahue

Virology, Immunology and Microbiology

“Host-pathogen cartography: predictive network mapping
of Ebola virus-host cell interactions reveals mechanisms of

viral control of the cell”
Friday March 8th, 1pm L-109

Senegal Carty

Molecular & Translational Medicine
“Pulmonary lymphatic remodeling in response to

influenza-induced inflammation”
Tuesday March 12th, 9am L-206

Anna Smith

Molecular & Translational Medicine

“Human primary iPSC-derived hepatocyte cell therapies to

treat liver disease”
Friday March 15th, 10am L-110

Victoria Kleiner

Virology, Immunology and Microbiology
Thursday March 14th, 11am L-112

Josiane Fofana

Virology, Immunology and Microbiology
Thursday March 28th, 1pm L-112

Taylor Matte
Genetics & Genomics
Monday March 25th, 1pm

Tachira Pichardo

Molecular & Translational Medicine
Thursday March 21st, 1pm

Guillermo Annoyo

Tuesday March 26th, 11am

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