Biomedical PhD Student Organization

BPSO Mission 

The Biomedical PhD Student Organization (BPSO) aims to build and strengthen the community among PhD programs at BUMC; to foster personal and professional relationships between students faculty, alumni , and administrators; to promote interdisciplinary research at BU; and to cultivate camaraderie among Biomedical Science PhD students.

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BPSO Officers 2021 – 2022

President: Jhon Henao Vasquez

Vice President: Devin Kenney

Academic Liaison: Margaret Downs

Treasurer: Emily Lewkowicz

Secretary: Anna Smith

BPSO Officers 2022 – 2023

President: Scott Adams (Microbiology) 

Vice President: Kostas Kontodimas (PiBS) 

Academic Liaison: Jason Weis (PiBS) 

Treasurer: Xavier Cambi (Pharmacology)

Administrative Coordinator: Cheyanne Frosti (PiBS) 

BPSO End of the Year Business Meeting

Tuesday, May 10 @ 4pm

Location: K103

All PhD students are welcome to attend! The purpose of business meetings is to provide updates on what’s going on around campus related to PhD students. They also serve as an avenue for students to interact with one another and address student concerns so that we may relay them back to faculty.

BPSO Newsletter

BPSO PhD Spring Formal at The Castle—Friday April 22nd 7-10PM 

It is finally happening – we are brining back the PhD formal! 


  • Location: The Castle on the Charles River Campus
  • Light refreshments will be served
  • All med campus PhDs are invited with a +1.
  • Formal Attire encourage but not required!
  • Cash Bar (unfortunately they don’t do credit cards) 


Careers in Science Communication & Law—April 13th, 10-11:50AM 

This panel of PhDs who have made the transition to careers in Science Communication & Law will share their career paths, tips for skill building, and advice on how to make the transition from a biomedical PhD program to one of these careers. Don’t limit yourself as you might be surprised to learn about career paths you had not considered (Register) 


Congratulations Doctor!

Shen Ning, PhD—Neuroscience

Developing Magnetic Nanoparticles for Therapeutic Antibody Delivery in Alzheimers Disease

Angela Urdaneta, PhD—Biophysics

Structure and Function Studies of ABCA1 and Its Role in HighDensity Lipoprotein Biogenesis

Jenny Klein, PhD—Neuroscience

OLIG2 Neural Progenitor Cell Development and Fate in Down Syndrome

Carolina Lyon De Ana, PhD (Former BPSO Secretary)— Microbiology

Novel Subsets of Resident Lymphocytes in Murine Lungs Recovered from Pneumococcal Pneumonia

Yee Fun Lee, PhD—Anatomy and Neurobiology

Rescue of Sleepdependent Brain Rhythm Function to Slow Alzheimers Disease


Upcoming Defenses

Caitlin Ridgewell—Behavioral Neurosciences

Transcutaneous Electrical Stimulation for Stress Reduction and Improvement in Marksmanship and Cognitive Performance

March 21st 2:00PM L212

Wayne Chang—Anatomy and Neurobiology

Layer 3 Pyramidal Neurons of Rhesus Monkeys in Aging and in Ischemic Injury

March 23rd 1:00PM L1008

Sarah Nodder—Microbiology

Primate Lentiviral Viral Protein R and the DNA Damage Response: A Tale of Manipulation and Subversion

March 24th 9:00AM L110

Jeffrey Kuniholm (Former BPSO President)—Microbiology

Intragenic Elements Support the Transcription of Defective HIV1 Proviruses

March 25th 10:00AM X222

Melvin Zhang—Pharmacology

IL13 Controls IL33 Activity through Modulation of ST2

March 25th 10:00AM Bakst Auditorium

Christina Gallo—Pharmacology

Alternative Splicing of APOER2 Across the Evolution of the Vertebrate Brain and its Relevance to Alzheimers Disease

March 28th 1:00PM Keffer Auditorium, Evans 111

Fumiaki Aihara—Microbiology

The Influence of the Lung Virome on the Pulmonary B Cell Repertoire

March 29th 12:00PM X222

Kate Henry—Pharmacology

Mitochondrial Antiviral Signaling (MAVS) is Essential for Elevated Type I Interferon Signaling in the Aging Central Nervous System (CNS)

March 30th 10:00AM Bakst 101

Anthony Yeung—Molecular and Translational Medicine

Hematopoiesis in the Lung: From Development to Adulthood

April 1st 10:00AM Bakst Auditorium


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