FBS I : Foundations in Biomedical Sciences

Foundations in Biomedical Sciences or “FBS I” is an integrated 1st year PhD curriculum  for many participating doctoral programs/departments including:

The full-year integrated curriculum allows basic knowledge from many core disciplines to be presented.  Modules 1-4 are required for most participating programs while several courses are available as electives during module 5.





FC 711 Protein structure, catalysis & interaction 1
FC 712 Structure and Function of the Genome 2
FC 713 Architecture & Dynamics of the Cell 3
FC 714 Mechanisms of Cell Communication 4
FC 715 Translational Genetics and Genomics 5g
FC 706 Molecular Metabolism 5m
FC 717 Physiology of Specialized Cells 5p
FC 708 Professional Development Skills
FC 762 Critical Thinking in Biomedical Research
FC 764 Professional Presentation Skills

FBS courses have irregular start and stop times so please visit the current course offerings page or student link for start dates and times.

For more information please see FBS I Roles and Responsibilities.