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HeV-Vero-IFA WT-7 microarray DC_Green

The Department of Microbiology includes a highly interactive group of faculty, graduate students and postdoctoral fellows. Our research focuses on the molecular mechanisms underlying microbial infection and the host immune response. Our faculty investigate a number of areas integral to these topics that can be loosely grouped under the research themes of bacterial genetics, viral molecular biology, parasitology and mycology, host-pathogen interactions and immunology. We are supported by research grants from the National Institutes of Health and charitable foundations, and our research groups consistently publish in the highest-ranking journals of our fields. Our research benefits from state of the art equipment and facilities, and a strong network of collaborative links with faculty in other disciplines, including chemistry, structural biology and medicine. In addition, with a number of Microbiology faculty holding joint appointments in the newly constructed National Emerging Infectious Disease Laboratory (“ NEIDL”), we will soon be in the distinctive position of being able to extend our research into rare, but highly pathogenic organisms, such as Ebola virus.

The Department of Microbiology participates in two NIH funded interdepartmental Ph.D. graduate training programs: the Immunology Training Program and the Host-Pathogen Interactions Training Program. Our goal is to provide rigorous training to exceptional students in a supportive and collaborative environment and to prepare them for a career in research science. Entry into these programs is via the umbrella Ph.D. graduate program, Program in Biomedical Sciences (PiBS), which offers training by integrating the foundations of interdisciplinary biomedical research with focused investigation.

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