Viral Molecular Biology

Hisashi Akiyama, Ph.D.

Molecular and cellular virology of HIV


John H. Connor, Ph.D.

Virus/Host interaction; viral domination of protein synthesis; antiviral compounds, systems biology of viral hemorrhagic fever, novel approaches to virus detection.

Robert Davey, Ph.D.

Host factor-based therapy development and infection mechanism for filoviruses and other high containment viruses

Florian Douam, Ph.D.

Molecular mechanisms regulating human immune responses during viral infection


Rachel Fearns, Ph.D.

Control of respiratory syncytial virus RNA synthesis


Suryaram Gummuluru, Ph.D.

Enveloped Virus Entry Mechanisms; Innate Immune Evasion Mechanisms; Inflammation & HIV; Nanotherapeutics


Andrew J. Henderson, Ph.D.

Cellular signals that regulate HIV transcription and replication

Anna Honko, Ph.D.

Hemorrhagic fever viral pathogenesis, animal model development, utilization of implantable telemetry for real-time physiologic data, advanced development of medical countermeasures


Elke M├╝hlberger, Ph.D.

Host response to filovirus infection; molecular mechanisms of filovirus replication and transcription


Manish Sagar, M.D.

HIV transmission pathogenesis and role of antibodies in protecting against infection


Gregory A. Viglianti, Ph.D.

Molecular biology of HIV-1; the role of virus-host cell interactions in pathogenesis