Microbial Pathogenesis and Immunology Seminar Series

The Department of Microbiology and Immunology Training Program hold a weekly Seminar Series on Wednesdays at 12:00 noon in X222. While in person attendance is preferred, all seminars will be livestreamed via Zoom, and email reminders containing the Zoom link will be sent prior to each seminar. Please email kfurness@bu.edu if you want to be added to the email listserv.

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Elucidating Mechanisms of Immunity to Nipah Virus Infection through Generation of Attenuated Viruses and a Single-Cycle Vectored Vaccine​

Date Speaker Title Program Host
Jan 18 Brad Jones, PhD
Weill Cornell Medicine
Silence and Resistance in HIV Reservoir Persistence NEIDL Florian Douam
Jan 25 Adam Lauring, MD, PhD
University of Michigan
How Host-level Processes Drive and Constrain the Evolution of New Viral Variants MICRO Manish Sagar
Feb 1 Meg Younger, PhD
Boston University
Non-Canonical Olfaction in Disease-Vector Mosquitoes NEIDL Fabiana Feitosa-Suntheimer
Feb 8 No Seminar
Feb 15 No Seminar
Feb 22 No Seminar
Mar 1 Avinash Bhandoola, PhD
Transcriptional Control of Innate and Adaptive Immune Cell Development NEIDL Florian Douam
Mar 8 TBA
Mar 15 Celestine Wanjalla, MD, PhD
Vanderbilt University
CMV and Cardiometabolic Disease in Persons Living with HIV MICRO Jennifer Snyder-Cappione
Mar 22 Liang Shan, PhD
Washington University
The CARD8 Inflammasome in HIV Pathogenesis and Viral Persistence MICRO Rahm Gummuluru and Andrew Henderson
Mar 29 John Misasi, PhD
Immune Recognition of Key Steps in Ebola Virus Entry NEIDL Nancy Sullivan
Apr 5 Sukanya Narasimhan, PhD
Yale School of Medicine
Blocking Tick Transmission of Pathogens: A Relentless Pursuit NEIDL Fabiana Feitosa-Suntheimer
Stephanie Seifert, PhD
Washington State University
Identifying Cryptic Animal Reservoirs for high Consequence Zoonotic Pathogens MICRO Ellen Suder
Apr 19 Nicole Kilian, PhD
Heidelberg University
Malaria, Maurer’s clefts and Mummies NEIDL Catherine Costello and
Elke Mühlberger
Apr 26 Viviana Simon, MD, PhD
Mt Sinai, Icahn School of Medicine
Sleep No More – Determinants of HIV Persistence MICRO Rahm Gummuluru and Andrew Henderson
May 3 S. Rameeza Allie, PhD
Pennsylvania State University
Resident Memory B Cells in the Frontline of Respiratory Immunity ITP Jeffrey Browning
May 10 Michelle Teplensky, PhD
Boston University
Harnessing Nanomaterial Architecture to Program the Immune System NEIDL John Connor
June 13
Harry Taylor, PhD
SUNY Upstate

Starve the Beast and Tame the Flame: Harnessing HIV and Inflammation by Targeting Immunometabolism

VIM Rahm Gummuluru
June 14 Laith N. AL-Eitan, MSc, PhD
Jordan University of Science and Technology

The Middle East Falling Behind on Biosafety, Biosecurity and One Health Measures​

NEIDL Davidson Hamer
June 21 Filiz Kormaz, PhD
UMass Medical Center

LOX-1-Dependent Regulation of Immunity and Metabolism in the Pneumonic Lung

VIM Rahm Gummuluru
July 19 Partha Biswas, PhD
University of Pittsburgh
Comorbidities: New Challenges in the Treatment of Infectious Diseases VIM Rahm Gummuluru