PhD in Molecular & Translational Medicine

The Graduate Program in Molecular and Translational Medicine (MTM) at Boston University is an interdepartmental, interdisciplinary program based in the Department of Medicine. The mission of the Molecular and Translational Medicine Program is to provide state-of-the-art didactic and research training that produces PhD and MD/PhD scientists who will become leaders in the field of clinically based research.

The program strives to create research opportunities that take full advantage of the wealth of resources available through clinical reagents, clinical expertise, and diverse patient populations at the Boston University Medical Center. At completion of the program each student will have the training and understanding of biomedical systems required to successfully conduct integrative translational research.

The Department of Medicine

The Department of Medicine occupies modern research laboratories on the Boston University Medical Center campus in the Center for Advanced Biomedical Research and the Evans Biomedical Research Center. These buildings provide state-of-the-art research space in an open, spacious environment that is fully supported by research core facilities for computing, animals and transgenic mice, sequencing, microarrays, and others.