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New Research Discoveries…Crb3 and Airway Cell Differentiation

Crb3Congratulations to the Varelas Lab for their recent publication in Developmental Cell. Aleks Szymaniak, a PhD candidate in the Varelas lab, found that the apical polarity determinant Crb3 is an essential regulator of airway cell maturation and that Crb3 scaffolds Hippo pathway components at the apical domain of epithelial cells to restrict the nuclear activity of the transcriptional regulator Yap, and showed that loss of Crb3 results in aberrant airway cell maturation. For more information on their research please visit: Varelas lab.


Spotlight on…New Faculty

The Biochemistry Department is pleased to announce the recruitment of 2 new faculty members. Dr. Daniel Cifuentes (right) started in November and his laboratory aims to uncover how the interplay of RNA-binding proteins and their targets orchestrate early embryogenesis using zebrafish as a model system. Dr. Alla Grishok (left) will be joining us in the Spring of 2016 and her laboratory utilizes the nematode Caenorhabditis elegans and focuses on new mechanisms of gene regulation by short RNAs and chromatin-modifying complexes. For past Spotlights:Archives

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