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New Research Discoveries…Beige Adipocyte Differentiation

GprotCongratulations to the Farmer, Layne, and Smith laboratories for their recent publication in Cell investigating the mechanisms of beige adipocyte differentiation. Meghan McDonald and Chendi Li from the Farmer lab are co-first authors. This study found that BMPs induce brown adipogenesis from mesenchymal stem cells by inhibiting ROCK activity. Furthermore this study found that loss of the SRF cofactor MRTFA promoted browning and resistance to diet induced obesity. For more information on their current research please visit: Farmer lab. Layne lab.


Spotlight on…Russek Day 2015

The 21st Annual Henry I Russek Student Achievement Day will be on May 1st. The keynote lecture will be by Dr. David M. Livingston who will discuss “How does BRCA1 suppress the development of breast and ovarian cancer”. The day will also have a student poster session and student Russek winner talks. For more Information: Russek Day 2015        For past Spotlights:Archives

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