Understanding the complex relationship among genes, and investigating how single genes within the genome are replicated, inherited, and spatially and temporally regulated is central to both basic and translational research. Accordingly, areas of active research in the fields of Genetics and Genomics in the Department encompass a multitude of topics including developmental biology, cell biology, cancer biology, immunology, and metabolism.

Within each of these topics, investigators in the Department are currently taking advantage of classical biochemical and molecular approaches, together with cutting-edge technologies such as CRISPR/Cas editing and next-generation sequencing, to study gene regulation in multiple model organisms (nematodes, flies, fish, frogs, and mice). Many of our faculty are members of the Genome Science Insititute (GSI) which is directed by Nelson Lau and co-directed by Alla Grishok. The Department continues to expand in the areas of Genetics and Genomics and recruit additional individuals who will complement the existing strengths of our faculty, thus establishing us as a department with broad expertise in molecules, cells, and genes.

Faculty conducting research in these areas: