• Title Professor
  • Education BA: Microbiology. Miami University (Ohio)
    PhD: University of California, San Diego
    Postdoctoral training: University of California, Berkeley
  • Office K123C
  • Area of Interest Mitosis, transcription, chromatin structure

Each time a cell divides the correct number of chromosomes must be segregated to each daughter cell. Failures in chromosome segregation lead to an incorrect chromosome content (aneuploidy), which is highly correlated with cancer and is a leading cause of birth defects and developmental diseases in humans. Accurate chromosome segregation requires a dramatic transformation of the genome, which impacts all aspects of gene expression.

The long term goal of my laboratory is to understand how cell division changes gene expression in mitotic and meiotic cells, and how the process of transcription affects chromosome segregation. We are currently focused on: 1) how transcription is silenced during mitosis and restarted following mitosis, 2) how non-coding RNAs are removed from chromatin during mitosis, 3) regulation of gene expression in oocytes by cytoplasmic polyadenylation.

We are a multidisciplinary lab that uses cell biology, biochemistry, and genomic approaches coupled with CRISPR genome engineering. Our primary experimental systems are human cell culture and frog oocytes.





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