• Title Graduate Student – Blower Lab
  • Education BSc Biochemistry, University of Manchester
  • Office Blower Lab, K112
  • Area of Interest X chromosome inactivation
    Cell Cycle

I am a graduate student in Dr Mike Blower’s lab. My research focuses on how inactivation of one X chromosome in XX cells is maintained in human cells throughout the cell cycle.
I graduated from the University of Manchester with a BSc in Biochemistry. During this time I carried out research in the lab of Professor Ian Tomlinson at Oxford University investigating the functional effects of germline mutations in driving colorectal cancer and Professor Clair Baldock at the University of Manchester investigating the binding of proteins to microfibrils. Upon graduation I continued my research interests in the role of epigenetics in heritable colorectal cancer risk in the lab of Dr Annabelle Lewis at Oxford University.

Outside of the lab I spend my free time knitting and listening to music, podcasts and audiobooks.

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