Tuition and Financial Aid

Student Financial Services (SFS) provides students with tools and guidance to manage financial aid while at Boston University Medical Campus (BUMC) as well as the resources to be financially successful upon graduation. 

Financial aid is offered each academic year and you must re-apply annually to be considered eligible to receive aid. See the GMS Applying for Aid web page for more information.

The OHS program is loan-based and students must apply for financial aid through FAFSA, Plus loans, other.

12 Month Completion (2024-2025 rates)

Fall and Spring            $66,670 (Full-Time)
Sum I                             $4,166 (Continuing Studies Fee/capstone-thesis))
Sum II                           $4,166 (Continuing Studies Fee/capstone-thesis))

Clinical/Research Thesis with 2 year Completion

Fall & Spring (Year 1)   $66,670 (Full-Time)
Fall Year 2                      $4,166 (Continuing Studies Fee/capstone-thesis)
Spring Year 2                $4,166 (Continuing Studies Fee/ capstone-thesis)

NOTE: Cost per credit if take additional courses: $2,083

Total Tuition                $75,002

Visit the BUMC Student Financial Services Website for direct costs (tuition & fees) and an estimate of indirect costs (room & board) using the Cost of Attendance Calculator.

Housing and other fees are variable if opt to complete program in 2 years with research thesis.

Housing Location:  Visit the GMS Housing page and Housing Flyer

  • Students live nearby BUSM or at CRC (take BU BUS, housing office assistance). There is no official GMS graduate housing but there are BU affiliated rental agencies and occasionally students get into the BUSM resident housing.
  • Most do not commute (loss of study time)
  • For more information contact GMS, Student Financial Services at