BU School of Medicine entrance sign

The Medical Anthropology master’s program at Boston University Chobanian & Avedisian School of Medicine admitted its first cohort in the Fall of 2009. It is our mission to educate and support students to develop their strengths as reflective, resourceful medical anthropologists and individuals, through in-depth training in the theories and methods of medical anthropology and cross-cultural practice, as well as through faculty investment in students’ own research commitments and career goals.

We pride ourselves in providing the following features. Together, they make our program unique.

“Students emerge from the program having designed an original study, passed an IRB review, gained immersive experience in a community or clinical site, and communicated their findings to community, anthropologi­cal, and clinical audiences. Throughout this process, the Service Learning Internship Program experience has played a pivotal role in grounding of the degree both within and outside the classroom…”  (Barnes LL, Laird LD, Ostrach B. 2020. From Medical Anthropology at a Medical School to Careers in Community-Based Applied Anthropology. Practicing Anthropology 42[1]: 42)